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8x mejores consejos para el trabajo remoto, qué desafíos enfrentan las empresas: nuestras soluciones

Overcome Remote Working Challenges with Confidence: Discover the 8 Proven Tips and Solutions That Businesses Need


With the rise of remote work, businesses have had to adapt to a new way of working. While there are many benefits to this style of work, there are also challenges that come with it. From staying focused and productive to maintaining communication and collaboration with team members, remote work can present several difficulties. However, don’t worry! We have put together a list of the best tips and solutions to help you overcome these challenges and succeed in remote work. Whether you’renew to remote work or a seasoned pro, these tips help you work more effectively, stay organized, and achieve your goals.

Core Story – “Remote Work Revolution: The Future of Work is Here

Remote working has become a popular trend in recent years due to technological advancements and the increasing need for flexibility in the workplace. The ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection has proven beneficial for employees and employers.

For employees, remote working offers the opportunity to create a more flexible schedule and eliminate the time and cost of commuting. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, a better work-life balance, and increased productivity. In addition, studies have shown that remote workers often work longer hours and take fewer breaks than those in a traditional office setting, as the lack of distractions and the ability to work in a familiar and comfortable environment can enhance focus and motivation.

For companies, remote working can result in significant cost savings, particularly in office space. With employees working from home, there is no need to rent or maintain a physical office, reducing overhead costs and freeing up valuable resources. Additionally, remote working can lead to increased employee retention, as employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers flexible working arrangements.

Remote working also provides companies access to a broader talent pool, as they are no longer restricted to hiring employees in the same geographic area. This can lead to increased diversity and a more innovative and dynamic workforce.

In conclusion, remote working offers many benefits for both employees and employers. Moreover, providing increased efficiency and cost savings have become an increasingly popular trend that will continue to grow in the coming years.

Some interesting facts and statistics about Remote Working worldwide:

  1. The number of remote workers worldwide is on the rise. According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, remote work has grown by 140% since 2005, and it is projected to grow by an additional 96% by 2028.
  2. Remote workers are more productive than their office-based counterparts. According to a study by Buffer, remote workers are 35-40% more effective than their office-based counterparts.
  3. Remote work can result in significant cost savings for both employees and employers. For example, a study by FlexJobs found that remote workers save an average of $4,000 per year on commuting and other work-related expenses. Additionally, companies save an average of $11,000 annually for every remote worker they employ due to reduced overhead costs.
  4. Remote work is becoming more popular across all industries. A study by Remote. co found that remote work is becoming increasingly popular across all sectors, with technology and finance leading the way.
  5. Remote workers are often happier and have a better work-life balance. According to a study by Buffer, remote workers are 25% more satisfied with their jobs and have a better work-life balance than their office-based counterparts.
  6. Remote work is widespread across all generations. A study by FlexJobs found that remote work is favoured across all ages, with Millennials being the largest group of remote workers.
  7. Remote workers are often more engaged and motivated. A study by Harvard Business Review found that remote workers are often more involved and motivated than their office-based counterparts due to increased autonomy and the ability to work in a familiar and comfortable environment.

These statistics show that remote working is becoming an increasingly popular trend and offers many benefits for employees and employers.

The Benefits of Remote Work: Increased Productivity, Better Work-Life Balance, and Cost Savings

AWS Kendra, con capacidades de búsqueda de 'Google' o mejores dentro de su organización


How to boost Secure Access for Remote and Mobile workers by mixing VPN and SD-WAN Solutions? Many Enterprises handle growing distributed workloads for a remote workforce. We will look into Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a new security architecture and solutions from a growing portfolio of products and vendors that promise a blend of Networking and Security technologies and Cloud-Base Services.

The Financial and Banking sectors are facing many challenges for a remote workforce; we will use this industry as an example; however, any organisation can adopt this model, no matter how big or small they are.

Top 8x Questions and Answers on how to resolve any issues, challenges, or concerns in the organisation to integrate the remote Workforce:

1. A large number of people access company digital resources.

In the past, we had 10 – 20% of people working remotely on a business trip and now 80 – 90%. With such enormous demands driven by Covid19, how can we cope with those requirements? The focus is on the efficiency of Entry Points and Security measures through which traffic must traverse, be verified, and End-Users authenticated.

  • Autenticación is a significant factor in Remote Access, and we strongly advise using MFA or 2FA; what does it do? Conocimiento – something the user and only the user know. Posesión – something the user and only the user have; Inherence – something the user and only the user are. This will ensure the integrity of the End-Users, and only your organisation’s users will be allowed through no one else. Microsoft studies show that (MFA) for their accounts will end up blocking 99.999% of automated attacks.
    This can be achieved with minimal investments, as all users have smartphones. However, some integration with Active Directory and Edge VPN concentrator is needed to attain bulletproof Secure Authentication within the entire organisation.
    (Consulte nuestra publicación sobre MFA)
  • Ancho de banda is a crucial aspect of an Enterprise business. However, there are probably 12x or more Extranet entry points for VPN Client authentication. Now, dedicated circuits to the Internet are reasonably priced and offer ample bandwidth. So please check with your usual ISP to upgrade the existing bandwidth on those uplinks. After all, you can have 1Gb fibre-optic broadband at home for $20/month.
    This problem needs to be addressed quickly as it gives a bad user experience and delays work objectives; subsequently, your clients will suffer.
  • Firewalls and Next-Gen Firewalls can filter traffic on Source and Destination IP addresses and ports and permit or deny traffic pending to which group the user belongs. This can achieve very granular filtering. Users are granted access only to the services they need. It can be extended and integrated with other services in the company to provide another layer of security.
    (Consulte nuestra publicación sobre firewalls de próxima generación)
  • Cliente VPN provides an encrypted tunnel between the end-point (user device) and the Data Center and routing to applications and services. Again, VPN Clients, Next-Gen Firewalls, and VPN Concentrators are part of the bigger picture, where only selected routes can be given to a user pending their role of access. For example, HR users should not have roads and IT management platform access.
  • Cloud many Financial and Banking institutions already have private circuits connected to Cloud services, whether AWS, Google or Azure. Leverage these connections to your advantage. For example, VMware offers a SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) service with SD-WAN build in.
  • Automatización de red – Facing complex network changes to adapt to your remote Workforce, we need to take the network initiative. Having a Network Automation solution helps enterprises easily cope with network changes. The graphical, full-process planning tool can deploy small-scale wired and wireless networks within 10 minutes.
    (Note: Network Automation shouldn’t be here, as enterprises with full network automation deployed have LAN bandwidth in the range of 40 – 100Gb or more with 10Gb redundant uplinks to the Internet and Cloud. We have included ‘Network Automation’ proving that we also looked into this technology)

End-Users must use an encrypted connection that can be authenticated and ensure that legitimate users only have access to the services they need. This can be controlled by the firewalls and other services within your organisation; groups, routing, access-lists. As in Japanese castles, there are several layers, so nothing is open to the World. A good network design, leveraging in-house hardware and perhaps making changes when needed should achieve the above points in this section.

The Advantages of Remote Work: From Increased Productivity to Better Health and Happiness

Sistemas v500 | soluciones de red empresarial


2. Security of Data access, all servers, services, and applications cannot be open to the World

Company digital assets mustn’t be ever open to the World. It must be a closely guarded secret. Within any data network, working environment applications and services are segregated, isolated into different blocks and layers if you like. If we take a straightforward scenario – End-user at home wants to access a document from a company SharePoint server, what layer of networking devices in a typical setup will user traffic traverse?

1. At home, the user has a fast connection to the Internet and initiates a VPN connection to the corporate network. The entire session between the user device and the VPN Concentrator in Data Center is now encrypted. Edge router only permits IPSec traffic from the Internet and nothing else, the first layer of filtering.
As mentioned above in Point 1, the user will likely have to be authenticated using the MFA method to establish a Secure VPN Tunnel.

2. Traffic at VPN Concentrator is decrypted within the corporate network and sent to Extranet Next-Gen Firewall for further strict inspection; ACL, User-Group ACL, IPS. In this layer – Extranet Firewall- filtering must be most granular; companies are often tempted to ‘relax’ the rule base – a colossal mistake. The first line of defence should be solid

3. Debido a las políticas del usuario, se permite que el tráfico se enrute aún más al firewall de la LAN para una inspección más detallada. En esta capa, es frecuente tener IPS y otras matrices de herramientas de seguridad que inspeccionan y monitorean el tráfico.

4. User traffic being load-balanced to the end server. The reverse process will happen from End-Server to End-Remote-User.

Resolucion VPN de acceso remoto, que se puede configurar como Activo / Activo o Activo / En espera

sistemas v500 | vpn de acceso remoto

3. Administración de sistemas remotos y acceso a sistemas, amenazas, integridad de los usuarios

Administración del Sistema

In any Large Enterprise organisation, Management Block and Out-of-Band Management are environments designed for this purpose. Regarding servers, ILO, RSC, and KVM connections are used to manage server-farm infrastructure. Usually, Administrators connect to servers from designated Bastions or Jump servers that are allowed via LAN firewalls. Now we face that Administrators are most frequently forced to work remotely; this facility can be easily extended to VPN Solutions as described in Point 1 above.

Amenazas e integridad del usuario

Users are issued corporate laptops, built to company specification with antivirus and a system to update any operating systems patches and software vulnerabilities. In addition, many organisations use Network Admission Control (NAC), systems that check user devices before they connect to the corporate network, whether this is via LAN or VPN connection. If any criteria are not met, the user is forced to update it. These procedures ensure that only ‘healthy’ machines are admitted to the network.

Lea más sobre NAC en nuestra publicación..

Con respecto a la integridad del usuario, hemos mencionado bastante en el punto 1: Autenticación de múltiples factores es uno de los mejores métodos para comprobar la integridad del usuario final.

The Power of Remote Work: How to Stay Connected, Collaborate, and Succeed in a Virtual Environment

trabajo remoto desde casa usando vpn corporativo

4. Adaptation of existing systems to remote service and use. Not all the systems are equal, and access is allowed in the same way

Every company is different and has many other habits, usually driven by their sector. For instance, an accounting company will require separate remote access to a media company that needs to sift GigaBytes of data. What works for some doesn’t mean it has to work for others.

Remote Desktop Connection (TCP 3389s is not such a good idea as many systems have been compromised using this method, which also gives a bad user experience.
We wanted to emphasise that most communication occurs between databases, applications, and services within your organisation. Therefore, an excellent odd VPN Client connection or WebVPN should give you full and secure access to your resource instead of using old-fashioned methods. We will learn more about me below in Point 5 – Bandwidth.

5. Ancho de banda, eficiencia de la conexión y el problema del acceso a una gran cantidad de datos de forma remota

Many companies complain about bandwidth for a remote workforce; let’s look at those points individually.y

Inicio – if you know that you will spend most of your time working remotely from home, now is the chance to invest in a good ISP that provides a fast connection. Many people switched to fibre-optic broadband. Remember that in highly populated areas, you are not the only one working remotely; in Covid19, children are connected to schools. Talk to your ISP and upgrade your service.

Data Center – should have many scalable access points for remote access; we mentioned this in Point 1. In addition, the company should upgrade the bandwidth or add more connections if the problem persists. In an enterprise environment, there are usually more than 12x around the World.
We would also like to explain that in the current era, data stays in the Data Cente; statistics show that 70% of data is being moved only inside the Data Center.

Solicitud – the company should invest in thin clients instead of old-fashioned ‘fat applications’ that absorb a lot of bandwidth.

Cloud – leverage the Cloud connectivity instead of copying 2Gb directly over the VPN to the company server, upload to a secure location in the Cloud, and leverage the existing hybrid connection between your company and the Cloud.

SDWAN – this solution was designed with branch offices or locations in min; however, it is more often acquired by users working from home. Not only gives you a secure connection to your corporate network at the same time, but you also have a reliable uplink to the Cloud, like Office365, and an array of other applications.

6. Efficiency and effectiveness of Web Meetings, problems with communication, and quality of connection. User environment from which meeting is conducted

Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Huawei IdeaHub are Cloud-based solutions delivering a secure connection to End-User and minimising latency (delay). If you are still encountering Collaboration problems, it is an excellent time to change your partner.

Cloud-based Solutions are very scalable, adapting to users’ demands. By connecting from home to Cloud Collaboration service, you are bypassing potential bottlenecks in your organisations, and at the same time, you are saving them bandwidth. In the past, all the connections were going via the Data Center. Thanks to new technologies like SDWAN, traffic is secured in either connectivity.

Say Yes to Remote Work: Unlocking the Benefits of Flexibility, Autonomy, and Work-Life Balance

sistemas v500 | estudio de caso | skype para empresas

7. Implicación y motivación de los empleados en el trabajo a distancia

At first, it may not be easy to adjust for some, and there is always to the side of the story. Clear communication within the company and addressing any problems can the right working environment be achieved. Below there are some best practices for managing a remote team:

  • Dar a los empleados un sentido de pertenencia
  • Definir objetivos para trabajadores remotos
  • Improve your overall internal communication strategy.
  • Comuníquese con frecuencia y sea proactivo
  • Haga que la colaboración sea más eficiente
  • Fomentar una mentalidad de crecimiento
  • Tecnología de apalancamiento
  • Ensure that home users have the right working environment, and they should take 5 min breaks every 45-50 minutes. In the office, we are naturally distracted by other people
  • Mobiliario confortable y buena iluminación. Puede ser una buena idea llevar la silla o el escritorio de la oficina.
  • Tener una reunión web informal e informal entre colegas los viernes por la tarde

8. Normativa legal para el trabajo a distancia

Your company HR and Legal department should have a clear directive on the Remote Work situation and advise you accordingly.


There is quite a lot to take; we believe the most pressing challenges should be tackled first. However, evolution is better than revolution; good planning and design are proven to deliver successful changes. Many of the critical items that we discussed are taken from our experience; we have deployed them, and we know they work.
The security of your corporate network is one of the most important things, don’t compromise it by implementing quick, not entirely understandable changes.

Remote Work: The Key to Unlocking Your Potential and Thriving in the 21st Century

Educación superior: aumento de la capacidad del campus cableado

¿Listo para empezar?

REMOTE WORKING | Flexibility | Increased Productivity | Better work-life balance | Cost Savings | Improved Health and Happiness | Reduced Computing time and Expenses | Autonomy | Increased Engagement and Motivation | Access to Wider Pool of Talent | Improved Job Satisfaction

Comuníquese con nosotros para obtener más información, implementar inteligencia artificial y aprendizaje automático, y aprender cómo nuestras herramientas pueden hacer que sus datos sean más precisos. Podemos responder a todas sus preguntas.

Consulte nuestra página de destino para conocer la gama completa de servicios en el modelo B2B, nuestro portal hermano. AIdot.Nube | La búsqueda inteligente resuelve problemas comerciales

Búsqueda cognitiva inteligente – Producto de IA en funcionamiento que aprovecha la IA y la PNL para leer y comprender los documentos legales, financieros y médicos más complejos para descubrir información detallada. El usuario final hace preguntas para encontrar respuestas, como ChatGPT solo para su organización de datos internos.

Comparación de documentos (revisión de datos) – Producto de IA de trabajo. Permite a los profesionales legales revisar miles de contratos y documentos legales comparándolos con una copia maestra y respondiendo las preguntas de los abogados. AI y NLP comprenden las preguntas y las respuestas se entregan en un solo informe. Nuestra comparación de documentos elimina las tareas que consumen mucho tiempo.

Programe una reunión | Inteligencia artificial | Café virtual

Por favor, eche un vistazo a nuestros estudios de casos y otras publicaciones para obtener más información:

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